June 22, 2020

Her feet were planted firmly into the quickening sand of her fragile mind,
as the tepid waters of her life came in waves crashing on her, one by one.

She never moved from her stance and nor did the water break her, she was anchored in. 

As the evening sun began to set on the horizon, its golden wings piercing like a raging fire, she wondered at the state of her being.

Was it the quickening sand, the crashing waves or the golden sun which was the toughest element to endure? 

No, she thought, it was embracing all of the elements and knowing with certainty that she is exactly where she was meant to be. 

In the moment between burning light and overwhelming darkness, she stood deliberately.

Taking everything in and resolved in the place she was meant to be.

Planted firmly.

-Tumkeen, Writer

Image may contain: sky, ocean, twilight, outdoor, nature and water

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