June 26, 2020


Ever been stranded on the side of the road?
Scared, lonely, and shivering cold?

Waiting for passing lights to slow down,
Eerie silence and cricket sounds.

The night envelopes in it’s choking embrace,
Stuck in a moment and bound to this place.

If I walk away, what mystery will I face?
By remaining to stay here, will I be safe?

Thoughts of worry leave me drenched but cold,
Forgotten safety rules, I once was told.

I have no one to call, and the battery is low,
Fight the elements, or take flight and go.

Mind is tethered to this moment in time,
From hope to panic, like loyal friends of mine.

When the snaking lights begin to fade away,
I am still stranded on the side, lost in my way.

A sudden peace begins to calm my thumping heart,
And I come to resolve that it is the time to start.

I leave my vehicle, and secure my keys,
I follow the trail of the dark tall trees.

Pounding the pavement as I steadily walk, 
The night is silent but my brain still talks.

To empower myself with the courage to dare,
Then fearful chatter full of worry and scare.

Trying to focus on the path that I charge,
Tightened fists, locked jaw, and eyes enlarged.

A sudden light slows down and asks out loud,
“Are you okay? Do you know your way out?”

I ask myself, Tumkeen what should we say?,
And the words flow out “I know my way.”

-Tumkeen, Writer

Image may contain: night and outdoor

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