May 10, 2020

“Too much salt”, I can hear her say,
rolling my eyes, I walk away.
“That will burn”, I can hear her sing,
it looks fine, I loudly think.

“When it’s clean it should shine,
put a little elbow into it this time.”
“Yes Mom!” I begin to whine,
even though everything seems fine.

“The kids look hungry, feed them more!
Look at them crawl up the fridge door”
“Let me do it, I can do it better.”
“I know what’s good for you I’m your mother”

I’m an adult, doesn’t she see?
I can’t be her, I want to be me.
Though I feel I’m never good enough,
I also know it’s all in her love.

When her bags are packed at the door,
I crave for her to nag some more.
When she begins to hug me tight,
she takes away all my fright.

Don’t let go, I secretly pray,
Can’t you stay another day?
When you’re here I sleep better,
my sunny day just seems brighter.

She lets go and turns away,
there was still so much I wished to say.
“Goodbye” she says, wiping her tears,
“Never fear because God is near.”

She always does know just what to say.
I think to myself, as her car pulls away.
A piece of me leaves with her each time,
I’m rooted in her, through her I define.

With all her words I begin to see,
that I am her and she is me.


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