December 1, 2020

We are all born with two vessels of love in our hearts. 

One is an empty one waiting to be filled, while the other one is full, ready to give. 

Wise are those who first fill their empty one with enough love to feel content, and then give from the abundance leftover to those who are worthy of it. 

This prevents so many heartaches associated with love. 

If we were to pour out from our full one into our empty one, we would have nothing to give others nor any space to receive from them. 

If we were to keep both vessels in the state we were born with, we risk adopting a longing to be filled by others; and hoping to give someone…anyone… who is willing to take from the love we had stored. 

Indeed, wise are those who love themselves enough that they still have room to receive, and savings to give from. 

If they receive love beyond their capacity they can give it out freely and in fistfuls to everyone around them, for both of their vessels would be full.

And if it happens that they do not receive love to fill up their once empty vessel, they still continue living in a state of contentment for they were wise to love themselves already. 

To desire love and to need to love is to be human.

-Tumkeen, Writer+Poet

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