October 1, 2020

Do not look down at those who’ve changed around you,
They too stood strong & purposeful,
With might & life their stance was,
Now here you are unchanged by the wind & cold that slowly seeps through your blossomed leaves.
But look, how the withering ones still go up in blaze.
They burn up in bright hues of yellow orange red,
Some say it’s time for them to fall,
But look how they’re pushing a force of light in their fading hours.
Humbled by the breeze, but facing destiny with brilliance,
Do not mock them for they look at you with bare wasting branches,
with knowing wisdom, they look,
Through the whistling winds they silently nod,
“Your time shall come, too.”

-Tumkeen, Writer+Poet

Image may contain: plant, nature and outdoor

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