August 24, 2020

Summer’s telling me something…

get ready to let go.

It’s not really a choice;

not the choice of mine nor the choice of these leaves that have already begun to show hues of what’s to come.

The end of August is the end of many things.

It’s the end of long, warmer days, and carefree schedules.

It’s the end of summer vacations and excursions.

The end of a season.

And sure enough, even if the temperature doesn’t begin its descent just yet, nature will let you know that change is about to begin.


Oranges transitioning into apples.

Watermelons into pumpkins.

T-shirts into long sleeve layers.

Greens to bright hues to earthy ones.

We are right at that edge.

From one season to another.

And summer is whispering slowly to get ready to let go.

To enjoy the buzz of bees for one more day,

To stand under the hot sun and feel the warmth of its rays from your head to the tip of your toes.

To drink a glass of cold water and savor its gulps as it quenches the thirst of a sunny afternoon.

As the gentle breeze blows through rustling leaves, listen.

Listen to every sound.

And understand the inevitability of change.

The inevitability of moving ahead.

Comfort was beautiful, but is a fleeting season.

Before you know it, it brings the new to your doorstep.

Not to be feared, nor to dread.


But to remind you to treasure where you are.

Enjoy the season you’re in.

Realize the going that will surely follow the coming.

So sit under the bright sun and look,…

Summer is getting ready to wave goodbye.

-Tumkeen, Writer

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