May 28, 2020

My dear child,

Inherit this land,
Though it may try to confine you.

Learn to fly with trusted faith,
Though the land may shackle and bound you.

You are from it, like from my womb you were,
Though it may try to orphan or deny you.

Smile with grace through unjust lashes, 
For scars are marks of courage that define you.

Raise your hands in prayer, though they be bound,
for He hears the silence screaming from inside you.

Inherit this uncertain land my child,
I apologize I could not shield you.

But you embody a history of valor and purpose,
So emulate his determination weaved within you.

For this land is your destined fate,
And your belief will always reside inside you.

Illuminate with the eternal flame,
that burns, lights, and guides you.

That faith you carry on your back,
Let it enter your heart so fear may depart you.

And when no land may want to claim or occupy you,
Remember the ground you stand on 
and to whom you belong to.

-Tumkeen, Writer

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